FINRA Margin Debt

Major FINRA Margin Statistics Indicators

Indicator name Period Value % CHG PReV
FINRA Credit Balances in Margin Accounts Jan 2023 161.22B USD -1.73%
FINRA Free Cash Accounts Jan 2023 208.72B USD 1.37%
FINRA Margin Debt Jan 2023 641.23B USD 5.70%

Basic Info

Last Updated: Feb 28 2023, 12:35 EST
Next Release: N/A
Category: Financial Sector Statistics
Source: Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
Region: United States

FINRA Margin Statistics report collects data from FINRA member firms carrying margin accounts for customers. The report includes the total of all debit balances in securities margin accounts; and the total of all free credit balances in all cash accounts and all securities margin accounts.

Upcoming Reports

Report Name Next Released
Mar 26 2023, 12:00 EDT
Mar 29 2023, 08:30 EDT
Mar 30 2023, 09:45 EDT
Mar 31 2023, 16:15 EDT