Aligning data - whether for comparable, benchmarking, or timeseries analysis - should not be difficult. With YCharts Data Tables, you can compare data across companies and over time in seconds.

Comparable Analysis in Seconds

  • The Multi-Company Comparison feature allows you to view several current metrics for a list of companies; the fastest comparable analysis you will ever create.
  • Select the companies you wish to view one-by-one, using a watchlist, or by filtering on sector, industry, inclusion in an index, headquarters region, or other pre-built lists.
  • Choose to add any of 4,000+ stock metrics, sort by the values in any column, and save your metric sets for easy access when you return.

Timeseries Analysis Data Organized Before You Download

  • Align quarterly data for companies on different fiscal calendars.
  • Choose data frequency as daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  • Aggregate data from between periods based on averages, highs, lows, beginning of period, or end of period.

Access Organized Financial Data On 250,000+ Economic Indicators

  • Download financial data in the format you need for your regression analysis.
  • Use the data to create your own indices, power your macroeconomic models, or track trends in the indicators that are most relevant to you.

YCharts’ Tables are available with a subscription. To learn more and see it in action, please contact a sales representative today.



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