Construct tailored market updates with the information you need to make smarter investment decisions – reliably delivered in the same format, every day or week.

Monitor Key Holdings, Benchmarks, and Indicators

Rather than spending hours sifting through the news to find a closing price or expected dividend, you can build a Custom Email Report to receive the information you value regularly and in an intuitive, sharable format.

View summary data on key holdings, investment opportunities, market benchmarks and macro indicators in a streamlined view.

Communicate with Clients Consistently & Effectively

Provide holistic recommendations by including a snapshot of data to accompany your commentary & advice.

Build multiple Custom Email Reports to provide client-specific information on major holdings, engaging clients in a simple and personalized way, all with minimal time & effort.

Stay Alert of Upcoming Events & Risk Exposure

Regardless of investment strategy, important events often affect the risk a position may carry during a trading session. Custom Email Reports keep you up-to-date on earnings calls, dividends & announcements for your most important holdings with personalized calendar alerts.



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