Financial Glossary


30 Day Rolling Volatility


Accounts Payable video

Accounts Receivable


Accrued Expenses

Accumulated Depreciation

Additional Paid in Capital

Adjustments for Foreign Currency Translation


Altman Z-Score

Amortization video

Annual EPS Estimates

Annual Revenue Estimates

Annualized Returns

Antidilutionary Stock Buyback

Asset Coverage

Asset Impairment Charge

Asset Utilization

Assets to Shareholder Equity

Average Basic Shares Outstanding

Average Credit Quality Score

Average Diluted Shares Outstanding

Average Price


Balance Sheet video

Beginning Cash

Beneish M Score


Bollinger Bands

Book Value video

Book Value of Equity


CA Score

Calmar Ratio


Capex to Revenue


Capital Employed

Capital Stock


CAPM Expected Return

Case-Shiller Indices

Cash and Equivalents

Cash and Short Term Investments

Cash Conversion Cycle

Cash Dividend Payout Ratio

Cash Equivalent to Market Cap

Cash Equivalents

Cash Flow Statement

Cash Flow To Capex

Cash Foreign Exchange Adjustment

Cash From Financing

Cash From Investing

Cash From Operations

Cash Ratio

Cash Returned on Invested Capital

Cash to Market Cap

Cash Turnover

CFO / Debt

CFO to Current Liabilitites

CFO to Sales

Change in Cash and Equiv

Change in Inventories

Change in Other Current Assets

Change in Other Current Liabilities

Change in Other Working Capital

Change in Prepaid Assets

Change In Receivables

Closed End Fund (CEF)

Common Equity Issued

Common Size Financial Statements

Common Stock

Common Stock Dividends Paid

Common Stock Issuance

Comprehensive Income

Consensus Recommendation

Construction in Progress

Consumer Price Index

Consumer Sentiment

Cost of Goods Sold

Credit Score

Currency Exchange Rate video

Current Assets

Current Capital Lease Obligation

Current Debt and Capital Lease Obligation

Current Deferred Tax Assets

Current Liabilities

Current Ratio

Current Yield


Days Inventory Outstanding

Days Payable Outstanding

Days Sales Outstanding

Debt to Assets Ratio

Debt to Equity Ratio

Defensive Interval Ratio

Deferred Revenue


Development Expense

Disposable Income Per Capita

Distribution Yield


Dividend video

Dividend Cover

Dividend Growth (TTM)

Dividend Per Share

Dividend Yield video

Dividends Paid (TTM)

Dividends Payable

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Downside Deviation

Drift (Holdings)

Drift (Portfolio)


Earnings per Share

Earnings Per Share Estimates

Earnings Surprise

Earnings Yield


EBIT Margin

EBIT to Interest Expense

EBITDA video


EBITDA Margin Estimates

Effective Tax Rate

Employee Count

End Cash

Enterprise Value

Enterprise Value Ratios (EV)

EPS Growth video

ETF Growth Metrics


Excess Returns

Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

Existing Institutional Investors Buying/Selling

Expected Sharpe Ratio

Expected Shortfall video

Expected Sortino

Extraordinary Items


Fama-French HML Beta

Fama-French Market Beta

Fama-French SMB Beta

Fed Funds Rate video

Financial Debt

Financial Debt to EBITDA

Financial Debt to Total Equity

Financial Leverage

Finished Goods Inventory

Fixed Asset

Fixed Asset Turnover

Fixed Cost

Forecasted Dividend Yield (Funds)

Forward Earnings Yield

Forward EV / EBITDA

Forward EV / Revenues

Forward PE Ratio

Forward PEG Ratio

Forward PS Ratio

Free Cash Flow

Free Cash Flow / Debt

Free Cash Flow to Equity

Free Cash Flow to the Firm

Free Cash Flow Yield

Fulltime Employees

Fulmer H Factor / Score

Fundamental Score

Funds from Operations



Gain or Loss on Sale of Property, Plant, and Equipment

General and Administrative Expense


Goodwill and Intangible Assets

Graham's Number

Gross Profit

Gross Profit Margin

Growth Metrics


Income After Tax

Income Before Extraordinary Items and Discontinued Operations

Income from Continuing Operations

Income from Discontinued Operations



Initial Public Offering

Insider Ownership Percentage

Insiders Who Bought/Sold Shares

Institutional Investor Ownership Percentage

Institutional Investors

Institutional Investors Who Sold Out

Intangible Asset

Intangibles Turnover

Interest Coverage Ratio

Interest Expense

Interest Expense %

Interest Income


Inventory Turnover

Invested Capital

Issuance of Capital Stock


Keltner Channels

KZ Index


Land and Improvements


Liabilities To Assets Ratio

Liabilities to Market Cap and Net Liabilities


Loans Receivable

Long Term Capital Lease Obligation

Long Term Investments

Long Term Receivables


Machinery Furniture and Equipment

Market Cap plus Net Liabilities

Market Cap Score

Market Capitalization video

Max Drawdown

Momentum Score

Mont Belvieu Propane

Monthly Return

Moody's Seasoned Corporate Bond Yield

Mutual Fund


Net Asset Value (NAV)

Net Change in Intangible Assets

Net Common Buyback Yield

Net Current Asset Value Per Share (NCAVPS)

Net Current Debt

Net Debt Paydown Yield

Net Financial Debt

Net Income

Net Income from Discontinued Operations

Net Long Term Debt

Net Operating Profit After Tax (NOPAT)

Net Payout Yield

Net PP&E

Net Profit

New Institutional Investors

Non Current Accrued Expenses

Non Current Portion of Debt

Non-current Note Receivables

Normalized Earnings per Share

Normalized Income

Notes Payable

Notes Receivable

Number of Holdings


Ohlson's O-Score

Operating Assets

Operating Earnings Yield

Operating Expense

Operating Income

Operating Margin

Operating PE Ratio

Other Comprehensive Income

Owners' Cash Profits


Part-time Employee Number


Payout Ratio

PE 10

PE 5

PE Ratio (Forward 1y)

PE Value (Pro)

PEG Ratio

PEGY Ratio

Pending Home Sales

Personal Consumption Expenditures

Personal Saving Rate

Piotroski F-Score

Potential Capital Gain

Preferred Stock

Preferred Stock Issuance

Prepayment Turnover

Pretax Income


Price to Book Ratio video

Price to Cash Flow

Price to Earnings Less Cash

Price to Earnings Ratio (PE Ratio) video

Price to Sales Ratio video

Price to Sales Value Score

Price to Tangible Book Value

Producer Price Index


Profit Margin video

Provision for Income Taxes

Public Debt of GDP

Purchasing Managers Index


Quality Ratio

Quality Ratio Score

Quarterly EPS Estimates

Quarterly Revenue Estimates

Quick Ratio


R&D Expense

R&D to Revenue

Rate of Change

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)


Receivables Turnover


Relative Strength

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Retail Sales

Retained Earnings

Retained Earnings Growth

Retention Ratio



Return on Assets video

Return on Capital video

Return on Capital Employed

Return on Equity (ROE)

Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)

Return on Net Operating Assets

Revenue Growth

Revenue Per Share


Risk Free Rate

Risk Premium


S&P Earnings Per Share

Sales Est Current Fiscal Quarter

Sales Est Current Fiscal Year



SG&A Expense


Shareholder Payout

Shareholder Yield

Shareholders' Equity

Shares Bought By New Institutional Investors

Shares Bought/Sold By Insiders

Shares Outstanding

Shares Owned By Insiders

Shares Owned By Institutional Investors

Shares Sold By Institutional Investors Who Sold Out

Short Sale video

Simple Moving Average (SMA)

Sortino Ratio


Springate Score

Standard Deviation

Statement of Cash Flows

Stochastic Oscillator

Stock video

Stock Buyback

Stock Dilution video

Sustainable Growth Rate

Swap Rate video


Tangible Asset

Tangible Book Value

Tangible Common Equity Ratio

Tax Adjusted Returns

Tax Cost Ratio

Technical Analysis

Thirty Year Mortgage Rate

Times Interest Earned

Tobin's Q

Total Assets video

Total Current Assets

Total Current Liabilities

Total Depreciation and Amortization

Total Equity Turnover

Total Expenses

Total Liabilities

Total Long Term Assets

Total Long Term Debt

Total Non Operating Income

Total Operating Expense

Total Return Price

Total Value of Institutional Investor Holdings

Tracking Error

Trailing Twelve Months

Treynor Ratio



Unearned Revenue

Unemployment Rate video

Unemployment Situation Report video

Upside/Downside Capture Ratio

US Consumer Spending

US Personal Consumption


Valuation (Historical Mult.)

Valuation Percentage

Value At Risk (VaR) video

Variable Cost



Weekly Claims for Unemployment Insurance

Working Capital

Working Capital Turnover


Y-Charts Value Score

Yield to Maturity



Zmijewski Score



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