Empire State Manufacturing General Business Conditions Index

Major Empire State Manufacturing Survey Indicators

Basic Info

Last Updated: Sep 15 2022, 08:33 EDT
Next Release: Oct 17 2022, 08:30 EDT
Site: https://www.newyorkfed.org/survey/empire/empiresurvey_overview.html
Category: Manufacturing Business Statistics
Source: Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Region: United States

The Empire State Manufacturing Survey is produced each month by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It provides an indication of manufacturing activity in the state economy. The survey is sent on the first day of each month to the same group of about 200 manufacturing executives. The New York Fed then calculates diffusion indexes based on their responses covering all facets of manufacturing: general conditions, new orders, employees, capital investment, and more.

Upcoming Reports

Report Name Next Released
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UK Industrial Production Index Oct 12 2022, 04:30 EDT
Canada Monthly Survey of Manufacturing Oct 14 2022, 08:30 EDT
Manufacturing & Trade Inventories & Sales Oct 14 2022, 10:00 EDT
Japan Indices of Industrial Production Oct 16 2022, 21:30 EDT (R)
Empire State Manufacturing Survey Oct 17 2022, 08:30 EDT
G.17 Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization Oct 18 2022, 09:15 EDT
Philly Fed Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey Oct 20 2022, 08:30 EDT
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