Since its founding in 1944, the World Bank has provided financial and technical assistance to developing nations in an effort to promote "sustainable growth." It is jointly owned by the 186 UN member nations and Kosovo.

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The World Bank monitors major commodity markets important to the developing countries. Monthly prices for over 70 series are published on the third U.S. business day of each month followed by a review of the main developments shortly thereafter. Price forecasts for the next 10 years are published on a quarterly basis. A comprehensive review of commodity markets is published twice a year in January and June, part of the World Bank's economic outlook.

Major Commodity Markets Review Indicators

Indicator Period Value % CHG PREV
Agricultural Raw Materials Price Index Aug 2022 77.55 -2.18%
Agriculture Price Index Aug 2022 118.10 -1.01%
Energy Price Index Aug 2022 171.00 1.33%
Food Price Index Aug 2022 136.41 -1.60%
Grains Price Index Aug 2022 138.38 -4.45%
Metals & Minerals Price Index Aug 2022 103.81 3.65%
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The World Development Indicators Report is a collection of development indicators compiled from various international sources. This report presents the most current and accurate global data available.

Major World Development Indicators Indicators

Indicator Period Value % CHG PREV
World GDP 2021 96.10T USD 13.18%
World GDP per Capita 2021 12262.93 USD 12.13%
World Real GDP YoY 2021 5.80% --