Net Asset Value (NAV)

Net Asset Value measures the total value of a security based on assets divided by shares outstanding.

Mutual Funds are bought and sold based on the Net Asset Value that is reported at the end of each day. ETFs and Closed End Funds trade intraday like a stock on exchanges. This can lead to an ETF or CEF to trade at a discount or premium to NAV based on supply and demand of shares for the security. ETFs shares can be created or redeemed which typically keeps their value close to the NAV, however Closed-End funds’ shares counts typically do not change and thus can can at times trade at significant discounts or premiums to NAV.

Net Asset Value is available for Mutual Funds, UITs, ETFs and Closed End Funds on YCharts. These securities are priced daily after market close.


Net Asset Value (NAV) = (Total Assets - Total Liabilities) / Shares Outstanding