Forward PEG Ratio

Similar to the PEG Ratio, the forward PEG ratio illustrates the relationship between stock price, earning per share, and the company's expected growth rate.

Typically, PEG Ratios are calculated based on historical growth rates, while forward PEG Ratios use expected EPS growth. By dividing the PE ratio by the expected earnings growth rate, the forward PEG ratio allows investors to predict if a company is overvalued based on analyst estimates.

For most PEG analysis, a PEG greater than 1 is considered overvalued, a PEG of 1 is fairly valued, and a PEG less than 1 is considered undervalued.


Forward PEG Ratio = (Price / Annual EPS Estimate for Current Fiscal Year) /
((Annual EPS Estimate for Current Fiscal Year / Last Annual EPS) - 1) * 100

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