Gauge how stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and Model Portfolio perform during several periods of volatility, all in a single view.

Stress Test Through Multiple Events on a Single Page

The Stress Test tab is a collection of pre-built Fundamental Charts that show performance of securities during periods of volatility, including the Great Financial Crisis, Recovery Bull Market, and Coronavirus Crisis. Navigate to the Stress Test tab in just a couple of clicks, and let the tool do the work all in a matter of seconds.

Compare to Other Securities or a Benchmark

You can compare portfolios as well as similar companies or funds to a benchmark or even against each other using the Stress Test tab. This feature is ideal for seeing which investment vehicles tend to succumb to pressure or withstand volatility the best.

Download Results to PDF File

With one click, you can download a PDF document containing all of the stress test charts for your chosen securities and time periods. These PDFs can then be attached onto a client presentation or passed along to an investment committee for further discussion and analysis.



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