Accessible from any security's Quote Page (e.g. AAPL or DODGX), the new ESG Tab adds visualizations and additional functionality to the platform's existing ESG data set. Enabling you to research and evaluate a company's or fund's ESG traits and trends. ESG data on YCharts is sourced from MSCI and updated daily to reflect the latest information and score or rating changes.

Analyze, Understand & Compare A Security’s ESG Traits

A quick glance at any security’s ESG Tab provides a wealth of information with context-building stats and visuals. The ESG Overview module includes two sections: the security’s ESG Rating from MSCI, and a breakdown of its industry-adjusted ESG Score by Environmental, Social, and Governance components. Additionally, the ESG Breakdown provides a visual of component weights for that security’s industry and includes the quartile in which it falls for each component score.

Illustrate ESG Insights to Clients & Prospects

YCharts’ ESG Tabs for stocks and funds lead with visuals and were designed to both inform decision-making and be shared with clients. When looking for more granular insights on why a security was given a certain ESG Rating or component score, look to the broken-out Environmental, Social, and Governance modules.

Dive Deeper into ETF & Mutual Fund Holdings’ ESG Merits

Ideal for informing your investment decisions with mutual funds and ETFs, funds’ ESG Tabs deliver even more insights. Insights include the Positive & Negative Trend and the Exposure to Leaders or Laggers modules, which provide percentages of the fund’s market value by both directional ESG trend and ESG Rating. Also included is the Top 25 Holdings module, which shows a fund’s largest holdings and their most important ESG traits.



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