A single chart only tells a small part of the story behind a company. But what if you could see an array of charts showing the fundamental and performance attributes of a company all in a single glance? Good news. You can with our Multichart pages.

Insight Into Operations and Performance

The Multichart page is a visual performance dashboard. It allows you to visualize dozens of operating data items for a single company in seconds. No tables of data. Just clearly charted information. You can look at performance over time horizons ranging from one to 30 years. You can view any of our 4,000+ available metrics and calculations, from basic financials to valuation ratios to core operating ratios. It’s like having a window into the operations of a business.

Arranged Just How You Need It

Customizing the multichart pages is simple. Just type in the name of the metric that you wish to monitor, hit enter, and you have that chart on your page. If you prefer a different ordering of charts, just drag and drop them into the arrangement that you want. All of your settings - from metric choices to time horizons - will be automatically saved. Whenever you come back to the page, or view Multicharts for another company, you will see your favorite views. The company multichart view is available with a subscription. To learn more and see it in action, please contact a sales representative today.



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