Shareholders Equity (Quarterly) Chart

Historical Shareholders Equity (Quarterly) Data

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Date Value
December 31, 2023 25.46M
September 30, 2023 27.57M
June 30, 2023 28.34M
March 31, 2023 37.03M
December 31, 2022 36.92M
September 30, 2022 27.13M
June 30, 2022 28.73M
Date Value
March 31, 2022 28.42M
December 31, 2021 29.52M
September 30, 2021 24.78M
June 30, 2021 21.22M
March 31, 2021 3.721M
December 31, 2020 2.323M
June 30, 2020 0.2256M

Shareholders' Equity Definition

Shareholder's Equity is a main portion of the balance sheet of a company that measures the net value of a company. The reason for this is because the from an accounting perspective, the balance sheet equation is Shareholder's Equity = Assets - Liabilities. A few examples of shareholder's equity of a company include retained earnings, paid in capital, and preferred stock.

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Shareholders Equity (Quarterly) Range, Past 5 Years

Jun 2020
Mar 2023

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