Total Liabilities (Quarterly) Chart

Historical Total Liabilities (Quarterly) Data

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Date Value
January 31, 2013 0.2113M
October 31, 2012 0.18M
July 31, 2012 0.0833M
April 30, 2012 0.0496M
January 31, 2012 0.0116M
Date Value
October 31, 2011 0.0126M
July 31, 2011 0.0014M
April 30, 2011 0.0001M
January 31, 2011 0.0001M

Total Liabilities Definition

Liabilities are a main portion of the balance sheet of a company that measure outstanding payables/obligations. A few examples of liabilties of a company include accounts payable, current debt, and capital lease obligations. From an accounting perspective, the balance sheet equation is Liabilties = Assets - Shareholder's Equity.

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