Profit Margin (Quarterly) Chart

Historical Profit Margin (Quarterly) Data

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Date Value
March 31, 2022 -265.0%
September 30, 2021 -127.1%
June 30, 2021 -386.1%
March 31, 2021 -938.6%
Date Value
December 31, 2020 -1.85K%
September 30, 2020 -1.04K%
June 30, 2020 -1.74K%
March 31, 2020 -3.74K%

Profit Margin Definition

Profit Margin is calculated using Net Income/Revenue. This metric measures the overall efficiency of a company in being able to turn revenue into profit. An analyst looking at profit margin might look for a higher profit margin relative to other comparable companies as well as a profit margin that is growing.

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Profit Margin (Quarterly) Range, Past 5 Years

Mar 2020
Sep 2021