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What are all the possible states of a Model Portfolio and what do they mean?

  • Available - This Model Portfolio’s calculations are all up to date and no other calculations are scheduled.
  • Calc Scheduled - This Model Portfolio has some calculation that is scheduled to be run but is not actively calculating.
  • Calculating - We are currently running calculations for this Model Portfolio.
  • Needs Review - There is some error regarding this Model Portfolio that requires user intervention before running any further calculations.
  • Why can’t I chart a Model Portfolio when it is not available?

    Either the Model Portfolio is undergoing calculations that need to finish before showing the correct data to the user, or there is an error with the Model Portfolio that needs to be addressed by the user before interacting with the Model Portfolio.

    Why would my Model Portfolio go into “needs review”?

    A security the user has chosen as an item in their Model Portfolio no longer exists in the YCharts universe and thus a user will need to update their target weightings for the existing securities.

    How would I get my Model Portfolio out of the “needs review” status?

    Head over to the Model Portfolio Editor page for that Model Portfolio and update the portfolio’s items and weightings.

    If a Model Portfolio is in calculating status can I do anything with it?

    You can delete and duplicate a Model Portfolio while it is calculating. You can also go to the Overview / Stats pages for a Model Portfolio which will show you the current progress of the calculations and refresh automatically once the calculations finish.

    How long does it take for a Model Portfolio to finish calculations?

    Please allow 5-10 minutes for the calculations to run on a Model Portfolio.

    What should I do if my Model Portfolio is calculating for longer than 20 minutes?

    Contact your Customer Support Representative.

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