Model Portfolio Calculations

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When are daily calculations run?

Our daily calculations for all securities start at 4AM EDT and take several hours to finish.

When are monthly calculations run?

The 2nd and 5th day of each month at 3AM EDT.

When are annual calculations run?

On the 2nd and 5th day of each year at 3AM EDT.

What calculations are effected by using an Index as a holding?

Allocation, exposure, and risk calculations do not get run when a Model Portfolio contains an index.

How are the levels calculated?

First, we figure out what the start date of the level should be. This is done by comparing the first level we have for the securities in the Model Portfolio If you selected ‘oldest’, we start at the oldest date for the list of securities. If you selected ‘newest’, it would be the oldest date for the newest security. The first level of the portfolio will be the next start date based on the user’s rebalancing preference. Unless that day is the first day of the month or quarter, it will be delayed into the next period.

Next, we begin to calculate levels. If you set your preference to ‘oldest’, there will be securities that do not exist at the oldest date. These non-existent securities will be excluded from calculations and the target weightings for securities that exist will be reweighted. Then, the resulting weights will be multiplied by the relevant total return. This will provide you the return for that period.


Fund A, Fund B, and Fund C are weighted 60%, 30%, and 10% respectively.

Assume Fund A and Fund B have a 10+ year track record, but Fund C does not.

For the time period prior to Fund C incepting, we must reweight the portfolio to reflect the 90% with the longer track record.

Fund A (60% Current Weight) / 90% = 66.66% weight prior to Fund C incepting

Fund B (30% Current Weight) / 90% = 33.33% weight prior to Fund C incepting

Lastly, the return for the model will be multiplied by the previous period’s level or initial level. Additionally, we check the following day for any new data points which may have an impact on the Model Portfolio. If so, we rebalance the weightings and follow the same process.

What happens if a holding is missing a price for a day?

We will use the holding’s most recent price, going back to the start of the period depending on what rebalancing frequency the user chose. If there is no data in this span of time, it will be treated as a zero.

When is the first day calculations begin?

We find the date of the newest or oldest security (depending on the series start option) and start calculating levels on the first trading day after the month or quarter (depending on the rebalance frequency).

Do levels include dividend reinvestment?

Yes, the portfolio level is a total return figure assuming all dividends and distributions are reinvested.

How do Model Portfolio Fees apply to my portfolio?

Model Portfolio fees are intended to replicate management fees placed by advisors on a group of securities. The Fees option allows you to select from 3 frequencies (never, quarterly, and annually) that will apply an annualized rate at the end of the period.

For example if you choose a quarterly frequency and an annualized fee of 2%, then 0.5% will be deducted from the portfolio level on 3/31, 6/30, 9/30, and 12/31.

If you applied a fee to your sleeves and combined these into a parent portfolio, please be aware that adding a fee on the parent portfolio will add 2 layers of fees, one at the sleeve level and one at the parent portfolio level.

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