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YCharts has sector and industry data that is only available in a small handful of top-tier data tools.

Available Sector Data

YCharts currently has the following sector and industry classifications:

  • NAICS 1-6 digit classifications
  • Morningstar Sector and Industry Classifications

We also have market cap weighted calculations based on the Morningstar Sector and Industry classification system.

Speed of Updates

  • Morningstar Sector/Industry Classification Changes: Generally updated the next day after a reclassification
  • Sector and Industry Calculations: Updated each Saturday based on current end of week data

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate your sector and industry calculations?

We remove duplicate issues: two classes of stock that both represent the whole company.

We treat the entire sector or industry as a conglomerate. In other words, imagine that you owned all of every company in the entire sector or industry. We calculate financial statement line items as the sum of the revenue of all line items. We calculate ratios like the following example: PE Ratio = Sum of Industry Market Cap / Sum or Industry Net Income.1

For calculations that involve multiple line items, we take care to only include companies that have data for both line items so we are comparing apples to apples.2

(1) We use this method rather than simple averages of all companies' PE Ratios for the following reason: With simple averages [(PE Ratio 1 + PE Ratio 2 + ... + PE Ratio N) / N] one small company with an abnormal PE Ratio of 10,000 - which can happen when EPS is near zero - will disrupt the whole average.

(2) If your goal is perfection, you will still need to hire a consultant or analyst to dig through the financial statements of micro-cap companies to ensure 100% complete data. But if you are searching for a highly complete picture at a reasonable price on a quick timeline, YCharts Industry calculations will be a perfect fit.

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