Exchange Traded Products (ETF/ETN) Data

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With a growing presence among professional investors, ETFs are one of YCharts' priorities for future data growth. (Note: Closed end investment funds are covered in our Equity Data section.)

Available ETF/ETN Data

YCharts has data for approximately 2100 ETFs and 250 ETNs listed on US and Canadian exchanges. Currently, we provide up to three decades of pricing data to our customers (data from Morningstar), as well as intraday pricing from BATS. For data available for individual equities we recommend searching for an ETF or browsing through a classification on the right hand side of the ETF Data Page.

Available Standard Calculations

Our system runs hundreds of calculations for ETFs. Historical calculation data is available going back as far as the underlying data used within the calculation will allow.

Our calculations cover the following concepts:

  • Returns, Performance and Momentum
  • Current Fundamentals
  • Risk Metrics: Beta, Fama-French Betas, and Max Drawdown
  • Distribution Yields

Speed of Updates

  • Intraday Pricing Data: Updated every 1-3 minutes for US exchanges, ~ 15 minutes for Canadian exchanges
  • OHLC Pricing Data: Updated overnight for that trading day
  • Calculations: Updated daily before market open.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have fundamentals and key stats for ETFs?

Yes, certain fundamental ratios (Price to Earnings, Price to Book, etc.) are now available, as well as other key stats (Expense Ratio, AUM, NAV, etc.). These are located on an ETF's quote page. It is important to note that YCharts only offers current fundamentals on ETFs, we do not provide historical fundamentals for ETFs. However, we do carry historical return metrics that date back to the ETF's inception.

Do you have ETF constituents data?

Yes, we currently provide the top 25 holdings for a specific ETF that can easily be saved as a watchlist. To view an ETF's top holdings, from that ETF's quote page, click on the "holdings" tab located in between "technicals" and "data".

Do you have an ETF screener?

Yes, you will be able to screen for ETFs in either our Equity Screener or Fund Screener. To screen for only ETFs, once you are in the Equity Screener click on "modify equity universe". Once the pop-up opens, in the second column select "exchange traded fund" and then click "submit".

Are you an investing professional?

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