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Date Options - Learn how to customize a date range via the "Full Year" drop-down.

Chart Options - Learn about the functions that are available via the "Chart Options" drop-down.

Export Options - Learn what export option are available via the "Export" menu.

Annontation Options - Learn how to annontate a series in Fundamental Charts.

Ratios / Spreads / Correlations - Learn how to create a ratio, spread, or correlation.

Date Options

Full Year - Quickly select calendar years for which to display data.

Dashboard Alerts

  1. Click on “Date Range” then “Full Year”
  2. Select the start year and end year
  3. Click outside the chart to reflect changes

  • The date range that will be displayed on the chart begins with the closing day prior to the first year selected and end with the last day of the latest year. For example, if 2004 is chosen as the start year and 2008 is the end year, the data will display from 12/31/2003 through 12/31/2008.

Chart Options

Annualized Data - Display the annualized growth rate of a metric for the chosen period.

Dashboard Alerts

  1. Click on the “Chart Options” dropdown and select, “Show Annualized Data”. Note: This option is currently only available for price.

Forward Estimates - Display forward estimates for metrics, such as EPS Diluted.

Dashboard Alerts

  1. Click on the “Chart Options” dropdown and select, “Show Forward Estimates”. The forward estimates will be displayed as a dotted line.

Export Options

The Export menu now includes “Export Data”, “Download Image”, and “Print” functions. Previously, each function had its own button.

Annotate Tab

View Events - Displays corporate actions taken by the selected company.

Dashboard Alerts

  1. Click Annotate
  2. Select the "+" next to the metric you wish to add events for
  3. Select one or all options to add flags for “Earnings (E)”, “Dividends (D)”, and “Splits/Spinoffs (S)” dates

Display Max, Min, Average - Add a minimum, maximum, and average lines for a given metric.

Dashboard Alerts

  1. Click Annotate
  2. Select the "+" next to the metric you wish to add statistics for
  3. Select one or all options to add Max, Min, and/or Average lines

  • The minimum and maximum values reflect the highest and lowest values over the defined time period. The average value is calculated by summing the values over the defined time period and dividing by the number of data points configured within that time period.

Override Normalized (% Change) - On a chart with normalized data, show a specific data series as original values.

Dashboard Alerts

  1. Click Annotate
  2. Select the "+" next to the metric you wish to modify
  3. Click "On" to override

For example: If the performance of a bond fund and the corporate bond rate are normalized, overriding the normalization of the corporate bond yield will allow users to see how well the bond fund is performing relative to the actual, unchanged corporate bond rate.

Ratios / Spreads / Correlations

  1. Click create
  2. Select either Ratio, Spread, or Correlation
  3. Add a security and financial metric in the "Security A" area
  4. Repeat step three in the "Security B" area

Dashboard Alerts

  • Options to add weights and lags are available for Spreads and Ratios, respectively. The lag time will be dependent on the frequency of the metric or indicator you are lagging. A lag of 5 would set every data point back 5 periods. For example, if you wanted to lag price one week, since price is a daily metric and updated on trading days only you would want the lag set equal to 5.
  • The following periods are used when a Correlation is created; 120 periods for daily and weekly series, 31 periods for monthly series, 11 periods for quarterly periods, and 3 periods for annual series.

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