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Your industry knowledge is what puts you in demand but you still require data to back your research. YCharts provides you with 30 years of history on more than 4,000 finanical metrics for publicly traded companies as well as time series data - up to 100+ years - on more than 250k economic indicators.

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Financial Model Inputs

• Find extensive history on difficult to find financial data points and calculations. Whether you are doing business valuation research, bankruptcy analysis, or evaluating risk for insurance analysis, YCharts has the data you need.

• Save time by powering your proprietary models with our data. Our Excel add-in allows you to update the financial data in your models, whether it’s a bankruptcy analysis or ESO valuation model, with a single click. We’ll even work with you to incorporate our YC syntax into your existing templates.

Macroeconomic data

• Demonstrate the effects that macroeconomic conditions have on your coverage universe. Visualize these relationships by comparing industry trends to economic data on the same interactive charts.

• Compile several datasets, adjust the frequencies and aggregation methods, then download in the format you desire. Save your customized settings for future access in our customizable Tables.


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