Solutions for Equity Research Analysts

The best recommendations are founded on reliable information. Don’t let faulty or incomplete data affect your ability to arrive at great recommendations.

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Detailed company research

• Dive deep into the companies you are covering and all of their key competitors. With more than 16,000 stocks and over 4,000 data points - up to 30 years of history on each - YCharts is your one stop research portal.

• Analyze financial statements - 30 years of quarterly income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements - all in one location and a click away from your Excel spreadsheets.

• Know right away when new information is available or your companies’ key metrics change. With everything from automated models to customizable alerts on 4,000+ metrics, staying current has never been easier.

• Power your proprietary financial models with our exhaustive database automatically. A single click updates your spreadsheets with the most recent data.

Macroeconomic data

• Demonstrate the effects that macroeconomic conditions have on the companies in your coverage universe. Visualize these relationships by comparing fundamental trends to economic data on the same interactive charts.

• Compile several datasets, adjust the frequencies and aggregation methods, then download in the format you desire. Save your customized settings for future access in our customizable Tables.


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