Stock Screener

If you have a secret formula for finding great investing ideas, odds are that you can implement it with our stock screener. It is one of the most powerful investment filtering tools available anywhere.

Virtually Limitless Screening Possibilities

  • Up to 4,500 financial metrics on 20,000+ securities create a vast database for you to dissect.
  • Looking for companies with estimated EPS of 1.5x the latest fiscal year's results? Create the exact filters you need easily using custom formulas.
  • Build your filters with metrics from numerous categories including financial ratios, returns data, moving averages, financial statement line items, advanced model scores, growth metrics, and analyst estimates.

Define Your Starting Universe

  • Begin stock screens with our database of more than 20,000 securities.
  • Restrict your screening universe based on a company‚Äôs sector, industry, inclusion in an index, headquarters region, or other criteria. Or, start with your own custom stock watchlists.
  • Add, exclude, and intersect logic allows you to create dynamic starting lists. For example, you could look only at US based companies, in the S&P 500, non-financials, and owned by Warren Buffett.

A Totally Customizable Experience

  • Create and save screening criteria and access them immediately anywhere you sign in.
  • Save lists of companies that met your screening criteria as watchlists with a single click.
  • Export the results of your screen and all of the metrics into Excel for further analysis.

The stock screener is available with a subscription. To learn more and see it in action, please contact a sales representative today.

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