Sales Est Current Fiscal Year

This is the sales consensus estimate for the current fiscal year, according to analysts polled by Zacks Investment Research.

For example, if the current date is November 10th, 2012, and a company's fiscal year ends on December 31, 2012, this metric will show the analysts guess at the whole year's sales for the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2012.

The timeseries is constructed assuming that you are looking ahead to the end of the fiscal year from whatever date is shown. Hence, if you look at the historical value as of 3/31/2009, the estimate will be for the fiscal year ending 12/31/2009.

Important notes:

1) Analysts are making guesses. While they generally become more accurate as they approach the reporting date, they do guess incorrectly. This can lead to large effects on the stock price when the true numbers are revealed.

2) Companies have different fiscal year end dates. Do not assume all fiscal years end on December 31st.

3) Reporting dates are later than the actual fiscal year end date. Hence, estimates for the fiscal year end date continue to be issued after Q4 ends until the company reports earnings.

4) There are multiple sources for sales estimates, and different providers will give slightly different "consensus" numbers.

5) We show weekly history. Gaps in the data are because we did not receive data for a given week and should not be interpreted as anything else.

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