EPS Diluted (TTM) Chart

Historical EPS Diluted (TTM) Data

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Date Value
December 31, 2021 -0.219
September 30, 2021 -0.1641
June 30, 2021 -0.1171
Date Value
March 31, 2021 -0.0834
December 31, 2020 -0.0704

Earnings per Share Definition

Earnings per share measures the total net income / average shares outstanding during income period. There are a few variations to earnings per share that are listed including "EPS Basic", "EPS Diluted", "Normalized Basic EPS", and "Normalized Diluted EPS". Each of these metrics are dependent on which earnings and shares outstanding metrics are used. Basic and Diluted EPS differ in that diluted shares are the amount of shares outstanding after all convertible securities, options, and warrants are exercised. Normalized EPS allows does not include one-time expenses.

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EPS Diluted (TTM) Range, Past 5 Years

Dec 2021
Dec 2020
Jun 2021

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