Net Income (TTM) Chart

Historical Net Income (TTM) Data

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Date Value
September 30, 2021 1.318M
June 30, 2021 -2.828M
March 31, 2021 -4.331M
December 31, 2020 -3.533M
Date Value
September 30, 2020 0.2234M
June 30, 2020 0.1671M
March 31, 2020 0.2793M
December 31, 2019 0.2356M

Net Income Definition

Net Income is the total amount of profit earned by a company. This metric boils down to the overall profit that is left from the revenue that a company receives after taking out various operational line items like cost of goods sold, income tax expense, SG&A expense, etc. Eventually, all companies would want to have a consistent positive and growing net income, so that this can be used for various purposes like reinvesting into the company, paying off debt, and potentially paying out dividends to shareholders.

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Net Income (TTM) Range, Past 5 Years

Mar 2021
Sep 2021