Revenue (TTM) Chart

Historical Revenue (TTM) Data

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Date Value
March 31, 2023 723.73M
December 31, 2022 742.64M
September 30, 2022 702.14M
June 30, 2022 657.86M
March 31, 2022 664.87M
December 31, 2021 622.11M
September 30, 2021 625.14M
June 30, 2021 594.11M
Date Value
March 31, 2021 530.34M
December 31, 2020 461.78M
September 30, 2020 353.12M
June 30, 2020 273.01M
March 31, 2020 232.43M
December 31, 2019 188.32M
September 30, 2019 163.33M
June 30, 2019 139.65M

Revenues Definition

Revenues measure the total amount of value that a company brings in during a certain period. This is also considered the "top-line" of the income statement. Revenues are used for all operating expenses as well as other line items which eventually lead to the net income for the company. Revenue is an extremely important metric when analyzing a company. A company with efficient margins is able to turn revenues into the most net income.

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Revenue (TTM) Range, Past 5 Years

Jun 2019
Dec 2022

Revenue (TTM) Benchmarks