Obtain a comprehensive perspective of a fund's underlying holdings over the past decade and pinpoint holding updates to perform in-depth manager analysis.

Understand the Full Scope of a Fund’s Underlying Holdings

Leverage the “All Holdings” tab to get a comprehensive listing of securities that comprise each of the 20,000+ mutual funds and ETFs available on YCharts. Update the period view for a given month within a 10-year rolling basis, save the information to a watchlist for future reference, and even export the data as a .CSV file for offline use. Flipping through holdings periods for all holdings, seeing new data field holding type, sorting by column, exporting holdings, or saving them as watchlists.

Compare a Fund’s Historical Holdings Head-to-Head

Update the four modules to view a mutual fund or ETF’s historical holdings to better understand any shifts in a fund’s strategies through the years. Perform direct comparisons of securities utilized and historical allocation with the option to save a fund’s selected period holdings as a watchlist or export the holdings list.



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