YCharts launches Portfolio Sync feature using the Morningstar® ByAllAccounts service

Business Wire, April 25, 2017

YCharts, Inc, a SaaS financial data and investment research tool, today announced the launch of Portfolio Sync, an automatic client portfolio holdings integration with Morningstar® ByAllAccountsSM. This expanded relationship further demonstrates both companies’ dedication to listening to feedback from wealth advisors and delivering meaningful solutions to meet their needs.

2017 Software Survey

Advisor Perspectives and Inside Information, March 20, 2017

An analysis of the market share and user satisfaction rates in the financial planning/investment advisor space.

How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Chicago Inno, March 1, 2017

Sean Brown, CEO at YCharts, and Jeff Kleban, Hyde Park Angels Member and Board Observer at YCharts, shared their experiences growing successful businesses, including what challenges they faced and best practices they learned. In particular, they both emphasized the importance of never forgetting that as entrepreneur, you do not operate within a closed, controlled environment and must be aware of existing processes, customer expectations, and market needs.

Hear what Sean and Jeff have to say in this video and read a few of their thoughts below in the post.

YCharts’ New CEO Shuffles Execs, Hones Strategy

Waters Technology, October 31, 2016

New CEO Sean Brown outlines what makes him right to lead YCharts, and what he's done since joining the vendor.

24 Chicago fintech companies revolutionizing financial services

Built in Chicago, October 12, 2016

The financial industry and new technology go hand in hand. Innovative tech allows for faster trading, smarter loans and better understanding of where money is moving. And with Chicago's history as a trading and banking city, the biggest institutions have inspired a generation of talented, tech-minded financial professionals to build startups that use tech to solve the industry's biggest problems.

Dynasty Financial Partners Expands its Innovative Dynasty Desktop by Partnering with YCharts

Business Wire, December 21, 2015

Dynasty Financial Partners and YCharts announced that YCharts will now be an integrated offering through Dynasty’s proprietary advisor Desktop.

To Track Client Portfolios, Advisors Use New Systems

Investors Business Daily, November 13, 2015

Over the last year, YCharts launched its Excel plug-in feature, which provides more comprehensive data screening. Advisors can construct spreadsheets that calculate in real time the performance of every investment in a client's portfolio.

YCharts Adds Correlation Analysis Capabilities

Inside Market Data, October 1, 2015

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts has rolled out the ability for clients to run correlations and ratios against all the data in its system, in response to client demand for the ability to identify trends and patterns in potentially unrelated securities and asset classes.

YCharts Raises Another $6 Million in VC Funding, May 19, 2015

YCharts, a Chicago-based financial data startup, announced Monday that it raised another $6 million in venture capital funding from a group led by Morningstar. The latest round brings YCharts’ total capital raised to $14.5 million.

YCharts announces $6 million in funding

Chicago Tribune, May 18, 2015

The Chicago-based company, founded in 2010 by Shawn Carpenter and Ara Anjargolian, has now raised $14.5 million. Morningstar led the funding round, which closed May 4 and included investments from I2A, Amicus Capital Partners, Hyde Park Angels and Reed Elsevier. The company said it would use the money to spur the growth of its sales team.

YCharts Financial Terminal Delivers Powerful Data And Analytics

Forbes, April 28, 2015

YCharts provides information in a useful way, but it does not provide advice, Carpenter said. It covers equities, 42,000 mutual funds, ETFs, 400,000 economic indicators and tools such as charting, advanced screens, and an Excel plug-in, which has proved very popular with investors.

YCharts Helps Research Mutual Funds and ETFs

Barron's, February 24, 2015

The new YCharts screener is the more traditional of the two, its strength being a database covering almost 43,000 exchange-traded and mutual funds.

Under the Hood: What You Should Know About the YCharts Tool

Think Advisor, December 15, 2014

There is certainly no shortage of investment research and analytical tools available today. However, every now and then a new application hits the market and makes a splash. YCharts may well be today's wave-maker.

YCharts’ Lubnik Talks ETF Technology, Advisor Tools

ETF Trends, December 11, 2014

Dave Lubnik, director of sales at YCharts, joined ETF Trends Publisher Tom Lydon at Charles Schwab Impact Conference in Denver to discuss his firm’s technology offerings for registered investment advisors and individual investors.

Who’s Got the Cash?

Barron's, November 21, 2014

A new Website from Robur Terminal as well as existing ones from YCharts and Financial Visualizations can help pinpoint companies with lots of it.

Equities, economic indicators & indices: new YCharts Dashboard boasts endless customizations

Built in Chicago, September 17, 2014

Since starting financial software company YCharts in 2010, CEO Shawn Carpenter and CTO Ara Anjargolian have been dreaming of launching an insanely data-heavy financial dashboard that solves all issues of all financial institutions. Well, this summer they released it: YCharts’ Dashboard, the most advanced financial dashboard around.

How YCharts is Changing the Face of Investing

AdvisorHub, September 12, 2014

What YCharts offers is better investing through data. The site claims to have over 395,000,000 data points that can be analyzed and put into charts. Additionally the site is mobile and does not have to be viewed from a desktop, which makes investing mobile as well.

Who's afraid of Shiller's CAPE

The Big Picture, August 22, 2014

Barry Ritholz shares YCharts Research's paper on this popular market-level valuation metric.

Keeping an Eye on the Exit

Barrons, July 19, 2014

Two Websites, ExitPoint and YCharts, can provide you with alerts on whether your portfolio is getting too pricey.

YCharts Revamps Screener & Charting

Waters Technology, January 8, 2014

Is Your Stock Too Risky?

Barrons, December 7, 2013

When opportunity knocks, you have to move. But in the rush to grab after a stock's potential, don't forget to check its downside–especially with market valuations getting stretched.

YCharts Aims to Be ‘Bloomberg for Advisors’

ThinkAdvisor, November 7, 2013

Shawn Carpenter aims to solve the problem. The former Google executive is the co-founder and CEO of YCharts, a research and information provider that he considers a “Bloomberg for advisors,” only without the static desktop terminal. YCharts' cloud design lets subscribers have access to information “whenever and wherever they need it.

Morningstar takes a big stake in a startup gunning to be the Bloomberg for RIAs

RIA Biz, August 13, 2013

Flush with $8 million in VC dollars, YCharts is betting that its data feed and content can challenge the Bloomberg behemoth by filling a hole for wealth and hedge fund managers.

YCharts: Bloomberg for the rest of us?

InvestmentNews, July 17, 2013

A data service providing real time market info -- at a fraction of the cost of that more-famous terminal...

YCharts Snags Reed Elsevier Investment

Chicago Business, May 9, 2013

YCharts Inc., a Chicago company that sells an online stock information tool, has raised another nearly $4 million in capital, including from a big new investor, information services company Reed Elsevier Group PLC's venture capital arm.

Web-Based Financial Terminal YCharts Raises $3.875M Round Led By Morningstar And Reed Elsevier Ventures

TechCrunch, May 9, 2013

YCharts, a Chicago and New York-based startup that calls itself a financial terminal for the web, today announced that it has raised $3.875 million in its third funding round. The round was led by Morningstar and Reed Elsevier Ventures, with participation from all of the company’s earlier investors, including Hyde Park Angels, I2A and Amicus.

Weighing Value's Value

Barrons, April 13, 2013

Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, stock-charting is a never-ending search for the right metrics. Here are some good services.

YCharts Adds Technical Analysis, Preps Global Coverage

Inside Market Data, April 4, 2013

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts has rolled the availability of technical charts on its web-based platform, and is completing testing of fundamental data for Canadian companies, as it continues to expand its charting capabilities and data coverage in response to customer demand.

YCharts Boosts Platinum Data Export, Preps Global Content

Inside Market Data, January 11, 2013

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts has expanded the data export capabilities of its Platinum-level YCharts Pro subscription-based platform for institutional investors, to provide more flexible options for firms to take advantage of the vendor’s content, while continuing to broaden the data available on its platform with the addition of global data early this year.

YCharts Unveils Institutional-Level Platform

Inside Market Data, October 5, 2012

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts will this week launch its Platinum-level YCharts Pro subscription-based platform, which includes more advanced calculations and more flexible options for exporting data from the platform for use in traders' own models, providing institutional investors with content and functionality similar to what they may be accustomed to from professional financial terminals.

Should I sell my Stock?

Barrons, September 25, 2012

Websites like YCharts and CapitalCube give you ways to value your holdings so you know whether it's worth it to sell a hot stock.

YCharts Targets Institutional Investor Needs with ‘Platinum’ Content, Analytics

Inside Market Data, August 10, 2012

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts is preparing to roll out a new subscription-based platform, dubbed YCharts Platinum, with more advanced data, calculations and charting capabilities, developed specifically to meet the requirements of institutional investors.

How Much Is It Worth?

Barrons, July 28, 2012

Three investment Websites add new tools to help you discover how much value is in your Wal-Mart or Facebook stock. And why great value doesn't always mean great returns.

YCharts CEO Shawn Carpenter on Off the Charts Success

Built In Chicago, July 27, 2012

YCharts may be the David to Yahoo! Finances’ Goliath. With strong growth over the past 18 months, the small-but-mighty financial services company is poised to follow in those Biblical footsteps—or at least take on the giant.

Building A Better Yahoo Finance: YCharts Hits Its Stride As A Reliable Destination For Financial Data

TechCrunch, July 18, 2012

Founded in 2009, YCharts set out to offer a legitimate alternative to the Yahoo Finances of the world by becoming a full-service resource for detailed and reliable financial information.

YCharts Bows Streaming Updates, Alerts

Inside Market Data, April 30, 2012

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts will this week add streaming stock quotes and alerting functionality to its Web-based fundamental analysis platform, to more proactively deliver the information required by value-based investor and investment advisor clients, and provide a better user experience.

The Online Ben Graham

Barron's, April 14, 2012

A site that lets you view investments through his eyes, and others'.

YCharts Enables ‘Flexible’ Multi-Metrics Charting

Inside Market Data, February 6, 2012

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts last week upgraded the Interactive Charts in its web-based platform, to enable users to plot more metrics, economic indicators and companies on a single chart for more flexible analysis.

Two Sites That Stress Fundamentals

Barron's, January 28, 2012

YCharts and GuruFocus have broadened beyond technical charting to add lots of fundamental information for investors.

Former Crain's editor Bailey joins YCharts

Chicago Business, January 5, 2012

Former Crain's Chicago Business Editor Jeff Bailey has been named editor of Chicago-based investor information firm

Stock Research Startup YCharts Raises $3.25M From Morningstar

TechCrunch, November 27, 2011

YCharts, a startup that provides stock research, tools and analysis, has raised $3.25 million in Series B financing led by investment research company, Morningstar with participation from existing investors including the Hyde Park Angels, I2A, and others.

Morningstar, Hyde Park, others pour $3.25M into stock-research startup YCharts

Crain's Chicago, November 17, 2011

Morningstar Inc. led a group to invest $3.25 million in YCharts Inc., a Chicago-based online stock-research startup. Morningstar, the investment research company led by billionaire Joe Mansueto, is investing $2.45 million while Hyde Park Angels, I2A Fund of Chicago and several other angel investment firms are pitching in another $800,000, YCharts said in a news release.

Morningstar Backs Chicago Investment Data Startup

Portfolio, November 17, 2011

Shawn Carpenter learned a thing or two in his three years working at Google—like how to turn massive amounts of data into something people could actually understand and use. He’s applied that knowledge to investing with YCharts, the company he cofounded with Ara Anjargolian, to put the kind of tools Wall Street analysts and hedge fund managers use in the hands of individual investors.

YCharts Adds Dividend Tracking: Another Reason Never to Return to Yahoo Finance

TechCrunch, July 27, 2011

YCharts excels at digging into past long-tail data that’s publicly available from a variety of sources– things like P/E ratios, R&D spending, or cash flows graphed over time. The focus is on determining what works in the markets in the long run. This doesn’t just differentiate YCharts, it’s a cheaper way to build the company. Historical data is cheaper to aggregate than real time data, so the company is starting there and will bootstrap its way into more of the real time fray once it builds and audience, says co-founder Shawn Carpenter.

YCharts Delivers Professional Stock Charts With Economic Indicators

Yahoo! Finance, April 25, 2011

“We continue to invest in providing the fastest, most flexible stock charts. And now we’ve added key economic indicators,” Ara Anjargolian, co-founder and chief technology officer of YCharts. “Offering this capability free-of-charge helps make for a better-informed equities marketplace and we’re proud to do that.”

YCharts Boosts Pro Charting, Plans Advisor Product

Inside Market Data, April 18, 2011

Some macro data may be a leading indicator of what’s happening in a particular industry… so by overlaying individual company data with economic indicators together in one chart, you can make your own judgment on where you think the stock is headed based on the macro trends,” Carpenter says, adding that YCharts’ historical database of economic indicators—some of which date back as far as 1913—enables users to review past cycles of data to assess whether cycles are likely to repeat.

The Odds of Picking the Next Apple

New York Times, February 7, 2011

Nathan Pinger at YCharts describes this situation perfectly. “Trying to pick a stock’s future growth path based on past growth is like trying to guess if a coin will come up heads or tails when you know that the last toss was a heads. The previous toss tells you nothing.”

Professional Tools for the Average Investor

Fox Business, June 1, 2010

YCharts CEO Shawn Carpenter on how technology can help people invest more wisely.

YCharts helps put stocks in focus

Chicago SunTimes, May 24, 2010

"When a lot of people look and talk about stocks, they tend to overcomplicate things," said Shawn Carpenter, CEO of Chicago-based YCharts. "What we do is help you look at companies the same way you look at any business you are running."

Q&A: chief talks growth, partnerships

Crain's Chicago, May 4, 2010

The company, which launched in 2009 after a round of venture funding (the company won’t specify the amount, but confirms it was more than $1 million), has a three-part revenue model: advertisements, subscriptions and partnerships with other finance sites.

YCharts Online Investment Research Attracts Series A Funding From Broad Venture Capital Mix

BusinessWire, April 7, 2010

Hyde Park Angels, I2A, Amicus Capital, Social Leverage Combine to Help Launch Website Featuring Sophisticated Analytical Tools and Market Trend Data for Individuals, Professionals..

Data is Money: How Geeks are Changing Finance

SXSWi, March 13, 2010

Clearly the financial world needs some innovation, and fast. This panel will bring together experts in finance and technology to talk about how the future of finance will be influenced by data geeks and technologists..

YCharts Delivers Professional Investing Tools to Individual Investors

BusinessWire, January 6, 2010

YCharts covers over 5,000 U.S. companies and 40 million investor trends in real-time. Fifty thousand investors already take advantage of YCharts every month. YCharts is offered free of charge with subscription based PRO and institutional versions coming in 2010.

YCharts Launches Fundamentals Analysis Platform, Mulls Pro Tools

Inside Market Data, January 4, 2010

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts will this week launch a Web-based platform for fundamental analysis of US-listed companies, enabling users to track and analyse company fundamental data to help identify and incorporate trends into their trading strategies.

The portal was initially aimed at individual investors, but YCharts chief executive Shawn Carpenter says it will appeal to anyone taking a fundamental approach to company analysis, adding that professional money managers have been using the platform since it entered alpha testing in June...

Stock market will tread water in 2010

Chicago Sun-Times, December 27, 2009

It's worth checking out if you can't afford a Bloomberg terminal...

Review of

Bullishness, December 27, 2009

Where Does YCharts Shine? Definitely the best part about YCharts is that it gives you a lot of information in one little snapshot. Instead of scouring tables of figures and ratios, you get a nice clean set of charts that visualize the data on a dime. You can customize which charts show up in each snapshot to best suit your strategy and research goals. YCharts also has a very clean and easy to use interface and has very few advertisements. YCharts also makes good use of current web technologies like JavaScript and AJAX to make features that are actually useful, and not just eye candy.


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