YCharts Adds New Report Capabilities, August 16, 2019

With the latest features, advisors can quickly and easily generate reports and compare model portfolios for clients or generate marketing collateral.

Inc. 5000 2019

Inc. Magazine, August 14, 2019

For the 3rd straight year, we've made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies. A big thank you to our team for being the engine behind our growth as we continue modernizing investment research & enabling smarter investments!

YCharts: Data Research Platform for the Modern Advisor

WealthTech Club, August 6, 2019

YCharts is a FinTech company that provides cloud-based investment tools, including stock charts and ratings, as well as economic indicators. YCharts offers unique data streams and features that visually communicate unique insights.

I had the pleasure of speaking with three YCharts representatives to learn how their services and offerings differ from the competition and how they have built a strong technical foundation for future endeavors.

ETFs & Trade War Heard Round The World, July 22, 2019

The trade wars the U.S. started with developing markets such as China and Mexico are having ramifications across the globe.

New sources for data on model portfolios could help increase adviser adoption

InvestmentNews, June 18, 2019

Two firms seek to make it easier for advisers to evaluate models. One company making the move is YCharts, a cloud-based investment research and analysis platform that launched in 2009 as an alternative to the Bloomberg Terminal. Just as advisers use YCharts to find specific securities or funds to include in a client portfolio, the technology firm wants to be a go-to source for comparing and making decisions about model portfolios.

These companies could save the IPO market

CNN Business, June 13, 2019

Uber and Lyft disappointed investors since they went public. But make no mistake: The market for initial public offerings is still red hot.

John Hancock Investment Management Arms its Sales Team with YCharts

Yahoo! Finance, June 13, 2019

YCharts will provide John Hancock Investment Management’s sales team with data and tools for showcasing performance, illustrating investment ideas, and streamlining client communications.

Unprofitable IPOs Are Getting Bigger

Crunchbase News, June 5, 2019

Going public and being profitable continue to drift further apart as unicorns make their way to the public markets. According to a new report from YCharts, the number of unprofitable companies that are also part of the 25 largest IPOs during the current cycle is staggering.

3 Money Moves to Make in Your 30s

Grow, June 3, 2019

There's a lot going on in your 30s, so it's a crucial decade to get your current finances in order and set yourself up for the future. Only 19.5% of older millennials—those age 30-37—currently invest with a financial planner or advisor, according to a 2018 YCharts report.

The Evolution of Model Portfolios With Sean Brown of YCharts

The Resilient Advisor, June 3, 2019

The model portfolio marketplace is evolving quickly and Sean Brown, CEO of YCharts, has a front row view of these changes. He came on the podcast to discuss this evolution and the complications in this space for financial advisors.

Closing Remarks

Schwab Live Daily, May 23, 2019

Hosted by Sean Brown and Joe Mazzola.

The disturbing reasons behind the ‘meteoric rise’ in Americans’ debt

Market Watch, May 10, 2019

Debt: Is it no longer a four-letter word for Americans?

New Research Confirms Active Funds Place In Your Portfolio

Financial Advisor Magazine, May 8, 2019

One such study is from Institute member Sean Brown, president and CEO of YCharts, an investment research platform for wealth advisors and institutional investors. We sat down to discuss his recent research report, Can Active Management Still Add Alpha?

Financial Advisors Spend Only 10% of Their Time on Investments?

The Compound, April 23, 2019

The Compound is a channel for ongoing discussions about wealth management, investing, trading, markets, financial planning and the economy featuring Michael Batnick, Downtown Josh Brown and Barry Ritholtz.

Corporate Crises and The Impact on Investors

The Final Round, April 16, 2019

The Boeing crisis raised the question for us: When you get by the emotional element of it and say, 'How does this impact stocks and markets, and is this a time to buy?'

Wealth Management and YCharts Launch New Partnership, April 11, 2019 is partnering with YCharts to enhance markets research and site visuals.


WealthTech100, April 11, 2019

The world’s most innovative WealthTech companies that every leader in the wealth and asset management industries needs to know Partners With YCharts To Bring Visuals and Data To Readership

Business Wire, April 8, 2019

YCharts, a modern investment research platform that enables smarter investments, and, a leading resource for wealth advisors and planners, today announced a partnership in which’s editorial staff will utilize YCharts’ suite of data, tools, and visuals to better serve the publication’s nearly 1 million unique monthly readers.

People, pets, pay: Secrets of the Best Fintechs to Work For

Financial Planning, February 24, 2019

YCharts ranks in the top 3 fintechs to work for. Fintech employees were asked to score their companies on leadership and planning; corporate culture and communications; role satisfaction, work environment; relationship with their supervisor; training, development and resources; pay and benefits; and overall engagement.

Best Fintechs to Work For

Financial Planning, February 24, 2019

From free food to foosball to unlimited paid leave, fintech firms offer a variety of unique perks. All of those benefits — and more — are offered by the 50 companies that made SourceMedia’s second annual list of Best Fintechs to Work For.

How YCharts is innovating financial advice

InvestmentNews, February 7, 2019

Advisers want to figure out ways to explain what they do in simpler form to clients. Dave Lubnik of YCharts tells how they can help.

T3, held in two-cow town, churns out big news -- much of it about Apprise Labs, RightCapital debuts-- as industry shifts to planning from portfolio management

RIABiz, February 6, 2019

Active vs. passive: Dave Lubnik of YCharts provided an interesting presentation focusing on the active/passive debate that upset some of the popular notions on indexing.

12 Things To Do Before Your First Personal Financial Advisor Meeting

Forbes, January 25, 2019

Hiring a personal financial advisor is a huge and helpful step toward getting your finances in shape. However, it helps to know what you're getting into before establishing this type of relationship. You’ll want to organize yourself and plan for your appointment so you don’t waste any time or leave out any crucial details.

Millennials Are Better at Saving Than You May Think

The Motley Fool, December 9, 2018

Millennials have become the generation that older age groups mock. It's a generation stereotyped as not being willing to work happy, happy to waste money on avocado toast, and used to getting at least a ribbon -- if not a trophy -- just for showing up.

4 Ways Advisors Can Reach Millennial DIY Investors

Think Advisor, December 7, 2018

YCharts tells advisors how they can better cater to millennials’ needs.

Millennials Are Saving, But Hesitate to Use Financial Advisors

Business Wire, December 6, 2018

YCharts, a modern investment research platform that enables smarter investments, today announced the results of the company’s 2018 Millennial Saving & Investing Habits survey, revealing that millennials aren’t convinced of the value provided by financial advisors, opting instead for self-directed brokerage accounts, yet are more financially responsible than they get credit for.

Millennials are ‘delusional’ about how rich they’re going to be

MarketWatch, December 6, 2018

By 45, most millennials think they’ll be living the good life. But the reality is likely to be much different. According to a survey released Thursday by YCharts, an investment research platform, 65% of millennials ages 22-37 say they’ll reach seven-figure wealth by age 45 or sooner.

How to Really Reach Younger Investors and Plan Participants

401K Specialist, December 6, 2018

A new YCharts survey, Millennial Saving & Investing Habits, finds that 53 percent of millennials (whom they define as between ages 22 and 37) manage their own investments and plan to keep it that way, demonstrating that they are very much financial “do-it-yourselfers.”

Millennials Believe They Will Be Middle-Aged Millionaires

Financial Advisor Magazine, December 6, 2018

Millennials dream of being millionaires by middle age, according to a recent survey by Chicago-based YCharts, but their aspirational reach may exceed their grasp of personal finances and investing.

Millennials To Advisors: We Don't Need You, December 6, 2018

When investing their money, millennials are more likely to rely on apps than human advisors, according to a recent survey.

YCharts Integrates into Schwab Performance Technologies® PortfolioCenter®

MarketWatch, October 26, 2018

Integration will enable seamless access to YCharts capabilities within Schwab Advisor Services' portfolio management solution

YCharts Fashions ‘Model Portfolios’ Analysis Feature

Waters Technology, October 22, 2018

The Model Portfolios feature will help buy-side firms dress up their portfolios individually with bespoke accessories that reflect what clients now expect portfolios to include.

Enabling The Evolution Of Model Portfolios

Financial Advisor Magazine, October 19, 2018

YCharts just announced its new Model Portfolios feature that can be leveraged to visualize portfolio analysis, share ideation with clients and prospects, and monitor portfolio performance on an ongoing basis on any device, at any time, in any place.

YCharts Rolls Out Model Portfolio Feature to Its 4,000 Users

Think Advisor, October 18, 2018

On Oct. 18, the company announced its newest product enhancement, which allows its advisor users to compare model portfolios on its platform. The upgrade is free to existing subscribers of YCharts Professional.

After winning Merrill Lynch, FactSet CEO Phil Snow is challenging Big Data for downmarket RIAs, but convincing them to buy a box is an up-sell nightmare

RIA Biz, September 13, 2018

RIAs are challenging the supremacy of the broker-terminal model means that market data firms that adapt early and offer greater customization stand to gain.

How Smart Fintech Companies Assemble Their Board Of Directors

Financial Advisor Magazine, August 2, 2018

The recent announcement of a high-level addition to the board of directors at YCharts—a leading investment research platform and fast growing financial technology (FinTech) company—underscores how important it is for growing companies to strategically fill their board seats.

Executives on the move: These 11 Chicago companies made huge hires in July

Built In Chicago, July 30, 2018

The summer is a busy time for everyone, but July was particularly busy for the following 13 Chicago tech leaders. These individuals were either hired or promoted to high-level positions at companies in the city.

YCharts Adds Michael Kraines to Board of Directors

Business Wire, July 19, 2018

YCharts, a modern investment research platform that enables smarter investments, today announced Michael Kraines, President and CFO at Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT), has been appointed to its Board of Directors.

Kraines brings more than 25 years of investment banking and fintech leadership experience to support YCharts in its accelerated growth trajectory

Liquid Alts Death Watch, July 17, 2018

Liquid alts on their last legs, a new fintech competition and YCharts adds a new feature.

The Six Most Important Takeaways From Any Quarterly Earnings Report

Forbes, July 13, 2018

For stock traders, a company's quarterly earnings report is one of the most important metrics for gauging the financial health of a potential investment. There's a lot of information to be gleaned from these reports: net income, earnings per share, sales, etc. But what part of the report will give an investor the best insights into the company's future?

Is Your Portfolio Ready For Increased Volatility?

Forbes, June 20, 2018

There's an old saying in trading that “the trend is your friend,” and that can surely be true. But can volatility be your friend, too? Maybe, if you get to know it well and have a plan.

Reading the Signals: What Does a Company's 'Body Language' Tell Investors?

Waters Technology, May 29, 2018

Applying the principles of analyzing body language to corporate behavior can yield insights into a company’s health or strategies. But what reliable datasets exist in this area, and how effective are they?

How To Compare Single Factor ETFs, May 22, 2018

Factor ETFs have grown in popularity, whether single factor or multifactor. While multifactor funds say they can smooth out the ride, sometimes it’s hard to tell which factor may be contributing (or detracting) from performance.

Beat Back Market Anxiety With Price Analysis

U.S. News & World Report, May 17, 2018

After years of tranquil trading, stock market volatility returned with a vengeance in 2018, making some investors seasick from the way equities lurched from headline to headline.

Overreacting to stock market dips and rallies can wreak havoc with your investment plans and portfolio performance. One way to tune out the noise of short-term market movements is to use technical analysis

Veo One Integrates New Research App YCharts, May 4, 2018

TD Ameritrade continues integrating third-party applications into its advisor portal Veo One. The latest is data visualization and research provider YCharts.

YCharts: The Chicago-Based Financial Data Research Company That Enables Smarter Investing

Forbes, March 30, 2018

YCharts is a Chicago-based online financial data research company that helps users track the markets without the use of terminals. This is the story behind the company.

YCharts Adds Cryptocurrency Data to Platform

ThinkAdvisor, March 16, 2018

Advisors can educate their clients by creating visuals comparing traditional assets to 25 largest cryptocurrencies.

YCharts Adds Pricing Data for 25 Cryptocurrencies, March 13, 2018

YCharts, a financial data platform with information on 50,000 stocks, exchange traded funds and mutual funds, is adding prices for cryptocurrencies.

YCharts Adds Crypto Data to Analysis Platform

Waters Technology, March 13, 2018

YCharts is the latest vendor to wade into provision of cryptocurrency data, noting the challenges of cryptocurrencies' lack of fundamental data.

Get Your Head In The Game: Why Great Research Is A Winning Strategy In Investing And March Madness

Forbes, March 12, 2018

Right around now, you’re probably getting inundated with March Madness pool invites. As I complete my bracket, I’m reminded that picking winners is much like investing in stocks.

The Anatomy Of A Fintech–RIA Partnership

Financial Advisor Magazine, February 23, 2018

The Institute for Innovation Development recently talked with both Sean Brown, CEO of YCharts, and Ed Swenson, COO of Dynasty Financial Partners, to discuss their recent announcement of a strategic partnership between the web-based investment research platform and a leading nationwide RIA advisor network.

Volatility equals opportunity for web-based research firm

Financial Planning, February 21, 2018

After the market correction in early February, digital-first firms across the spectrum were challenged on how they would operate in volatility.

Dynasty Financial Partners and YCharts Team Up to Provide RIAs With a Tailored Institutional Investment Platform

Business Wire, February 6, 2018

The Long-Term Partnership Ensures Dynasty’s Advisor Network Taps a Sophisticated Institutional Investment Research Platform Within the Dynasty Desktop

Investment for the time-crunched person

Technori, January 17, 2018

YCharts is helping investors make smarter decisions on a SAS platform. Sean Brown is CEO and started his career by accidentally accepting a software development job out of college. 25 years later, he’s still doing it, using modern tools to organize and display your data. While other investment platforms are lagging behind, YCharts is repping Chicago by updating the game.

YCharts Visualizes All The Data A Financial Advisor Needs

Benzinga, January 17, 2018

The Benzinga Global Fintech Awards are a yearly showcase of the best and brightest in fintech. In preparation for its biggest installment yet in May 2018, we're profiling the companies competing for the BZ Awards.

Bloomberg terminal alternatives popular with advisers

InvestmentNews, January 10, 2018

Bloomberg remains a powerhouse eight years later, but YCharts, and other startups with similar products, have found success with financial advisers, a segment of financial services that traditionally eschewed high-priced finance terminals.

Chicago companies fear unknown in net neutrality repeal

Chicago Tribune, December 15, 2017

Federal regulators’ decision to end net neutrality and roll back regulations that some say kept data flowing freely on the internet has left some Chicago business owners concerned for their companies’ futures.

YCharts Launches Corporate Events Data Feed

Financial Advisor Magazine, December 1, 2017

YCharts is a financial data research platform (a software-as-a-service application). The company’s latest product, YData, gives its clients access to publicly traded company events. The goal is to better inform its users about investment strategies, YCharts said in a statement, and give information and tools that handle fee justification, time savings and upgraded presentations. To support that, YCharts made “Corporate Events” as the first available feed.

He's 'the ultimate support' at YCharts — and the company supported him when he needed it

Chicago Tribune, November 6, 2017

What's it really like to work at Chicago startups and tech companies? Blue Sky's Inside Job article series profiles YCharts Director of Customer Success, James Han.

YCharts: Modern Financial Tools To Help Business Professionals Make Informed Decisions and Enjoy Increased Returns on Investments, October 18, 2017

Developed in 2009 as a web-based platform granting easier access to financial and economic data sets, YCharts has been helping businesses and professionals make better investment decisions and turn larger profits ever since.

YCharts Rolls Out Alternative Data Set to Enable Smarter Investments

Harvest, October 6, 2017

We asked Sean Brown, CEO of YCharts – the fintech platform that has become the Swiss Army Knife of investment research – about the potential of alternative data sets in investment research and to discuss their efforts in this space.

The latest in financial adviser #FinTech

InvestmentNews, October 3, 2017

YCharts launches a new YData service that will scour the internet for unique Corporate Events information which are distributed to YCharts users as a proprietary data feed.

ITA Spotlight: YCharts

Illinois Technology Association (ITA), September 12, 2017

YCharts is a 40-person, venture-backed, Chicago-headquartered SaaS company with a fun, competitive culture. Not only are we all about investment research, but we also place a heavy emphasis on creating a workplace that employees are excited to come to every day.

YCharts Provides Enterprise-Level Economic Data and Online Tools to Interpret the Bottom-Line Impact of Business Decisions

DealCrunch, September 6, 2017

YCharts caters to professionals who may not spend every waking hour thinking about equities and funds but who need actionable financial information to help them make business decisions in context. Since 2009, YCharts has made enterprise-level, customizable financial data, and analytics tools accessible to those who need information to better their bottom line.

Revamping data provision: YData rolls out

John Lothian News, August 30, 2017

Professionals in the trading world are turning to all sorts of data tools, from technology that scrapes Twitter for actionable sentiment to satellite imagery of shipments, all in search of alpha. Now, Chicago-based YCharts is getting into the tradeable intelligence field.

YCharts Launches YData: Proprietary Data Feeds for Quantitative Traders & Investment Managers

Business Wire, August 29, 2017

YCharts, Inc, a SaaS financial data and investment research platform, today announced the launch and availability of YData, a proprietary data offering that leverages machine learning and natural language processing to build a comprehensive, highly-structured database tailored for data-driven investment professionals.

YCharts Bows Proprietary Events Datasets

Waters Technology, August 29, 2017

YData will focus on providing datasets of event types not already covered by other data providers.

Inc. 5000 2017: The Full List

Inc., August 14, 2017

Our annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

Finalists Revealed for Prestigious 18th Annual ITA CityLIGHTS Awards

Illinois Technology Association (ITA), August 7, 2017

Today the Illinois Technology Association (ITA) announced the 38 industry fast trackers being recognized as finalists at the 18th annual CityLIGHTS Awards. The ITA CityLIGHTS Awards, presented by Deloitte, is the premier annual event that elevates and honors achievements from the local tech community.

How Advisors Can Partner With Fintech

Financial Advisor Magazine, July 24, 2017

The Institute for Innovation Development recently had a discussion with Sean Brown, the president and CEO of YCharts.

Three Reasons Why Enterprises Fail at Data Science

TechWeek, July 18, 2017

During Chicago’s Growth Summit, we brought together a veritable cast of experts to discuss data science (aka data intelligence), one of the buzziest of business buzzwords this year. Panelists included Sean Brown: CEO, YCharts – a SAAS company, taking data and providing the tools and analytics to help investors make smarter investment decisions.

How YCharts’ Tools and Deep Data Sets Inform Decisions for Financial Professionals and Investors, July 12, 2017

For many people concentrating on achieving financial security for the latter parts of their lives, seeking assistance from a financial advisor is common. However, even financial professionals need help. Offering massive amounts of well-curated, accurate data and the proper tools to help clients pinpoint and understand their best investment options, experts are turning to YCharts.

Wealth Advisor, Heal Thyself: Beginning the Course of Treatment

ThinkAdvisor, July 10, 2017

According to the “Physician, Heal Thyself” proverb, it’s imperative for doctors to cure themselves before they are fit to heal their patients. Similarly, wealth advisors must paint a path toward a healthy future for their own businesses, as they do so for their clients’ financial futures.

Wealth Advisor, Heal Thyself: A 5-Question Checkup for Your Firm

ThinkAdvisor, June 21, 2017

So what are you going to do to make sure you can attract that next desired customer or to ensure that your current customers stick with you, and that your fees are deemed “fair”? How is your value proposition compelling? If nothing comes to mind right away, or concern and discomfort crept into your head, don’t worry. You don’t need to break new ground. Here are a couple of ideas for how you can discover your future-state value proposition just by committing to listening and learning.

Wealth Advisor, Heal Thyself: 5 Symptoms Causing Advisors Pain

ThinkAdvisor, June 6, 2017

At YCharts, we find that our customers’ time and fees are under attack. Advisors need to recoup time to develop and implement better strategies to justify their fees. To help advisors understand how to get their valuable time back, I’ve put together a 3-part series of posts, based on the “Physician, heal thyself” proverb.

tru Independence Integrates with YCharts

Business Wire, May 16, 2017

YCharts, Inc, a financial data and investment research tool, today announced its enterprise partnership with tru Independence, a consulting and service platform for investment professionals seeking to launch independent firms.

YCharts launches Portfolio Sync feature using the Morningstar® ByAllAccounts service

Business Wire, April 25, 2017

YCharts, Inc, a SaaS financial data and investment research tool, today announced the launch of Portfolio Sync, an automatic client portfolio holdings integration with Morningstar® ByAllAccountsSM. This expanded relationship further demonstrates both companies’ dedication to listening to feedback from wealth advisors and delivering meaningful solutions to meet their needs.

2017 Software Survey

Advisor Perspectives and Inside Information, March 20, 2017

An analysis of the market share and user satisfaction rates in the financial planning/investment advisor space.

How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Chicago Inno, March 1, 2017

Sean Brown, CEO at YCharts, and Jeff Kleban, Hyde Park Angels Member and Board Observer at YCharts, shared their experiences growing successful businesses, including what challenges they faced and best practices they learned. In particular, they both emphasized the importance of never forgetting that as entrepreneur, you do not operate within a closed, controlled environment and must be aware of existing processes, customer expectations, and market needs.

Hear what Sean and Jeff have to say in this video and read a few of their thoughts below in the post.

YCharts’ New CEO Shuffles Execs, Hones Strategy

Waters Technology, October 31, 2016

New CEO Sean Brown outlines what makes him right to lead YCharts, and what he's done since joining the vendor.

24 Chicago fintech companies revolutionizing financial services

Built in Chicago, October 12, 2016

The financial industry and new technology go hand in hand. Innovative tech allows for faster trading, smarter loans and better understanding of where money is moving. And with Chicago's history as a trading and banking city, the biggest institutions have inspired a generation of talented, tech-minded financial professionals to build startups that use tech to solve the industry's biggest problems.

Dynasty Financial Partners Expands its Innovative Dynasty Desktop by Partnering with YCharts

Business Wire, December 21, 2015

Dynasty Financial Partners and YCharts announced that YCharts will now be an integrated offering through Dynasty’s proprietary advisor Desktop.

To Track Client Portfolios, Advisors Use New Systems

Investors Business Daily, November 13, 2015

Over the last year, YCharts launched its Excel plug-in feature, which provides more comprehensive data screening. Advisors can construct spreadsheets that calculate in real time the performance of every investment in a client's portfolio.

YCharts Adds Correlation Analysis Capabilities

Inside Market Data, October 1, 2015

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts has rolled out the ability for clients to run correlations and ratios against all the data in its system, in response to client demand for the ability to identify trends and patterns in potentially unrelated securities and asset classes.

YCharts Raises Another $6 Million in VC Funding, May 19, 2015

YCharts, a Chicago-based financial data startup, announced Monday that it raised another $6 million in venture capital funding from a group led by Morningstar. The latest round brings YCharts’ total capital raised to $14.5 million.

YCharts announces $6 million in funding

Chicago Tribune, May 18, 2015

The Chicago-based company, founded in 2010 by Shawn Carpenter and Ara Anjargolian, has now raised $14.5 million. Morningstar led the funding round, which closed May 4 and included investments from I2A, Amicus Capital Partners, Hyde Park Angels and Reed Elsevier. The company said it would use the money to spur the growth of its sales team.

YCharts Financial Terminal Delivers Powerful Data And Analytics

Forbes, April 28, 2015

YCharts provides information in a useful way, but it does not provide advice, Carpenter said. It covers equities, 42,000 mutual funds, ETFs, 400,000 economic indicators and tools such as charting, advanced screens, and an Excel plug-in, which has proved very popular with investors.

YCharts Helps Research Mutual Funds and ETFs

Barron's, February 24, 2015

The new YCharts screener is the more traditional of the two, its strength being a database covering almost 43,000 exchange-traded and mutual funds.

Under the Hood: What You Should Know About the YCharts Tool

Think Advisor, December 15, 2014

There is certainly no shortage of investment research and analytical tools available today. However, every now and then a new application hits the market and makes a splash. YCharts may well be today's wave-maker.

YCharts’ Lubnik Talks ETF Technology, Advisor Tools

ETF Trends, December 11, 2014

Dave Lubnik, director of sales at YCharts, joined ETF Trends Publisher Tom Lydon at Charles Schwab Impact Conference in Denver to discuss his firm’s technology offerings for registered investment advisors and individual investors.

Who’s Got the Cash?

Barron's, November 21, 2014

A new Website from Robur Terminal as well as existing ones from YCharts and Financial Visualizations can help pinpoint companies with lots of it.

Equities, economic indicators & indices: new YCharts Dashboard boasts endless customizations

Built in Chicago, September 17, 2014

Since starting financial software company YCharts in 2010, CEO Shawn Carpenter and CTO Ara Anjargolian have been dreaming of launching an insanely data-heavy financial dashboard that solves all issues of all financial institutions. Well, this summer they released it: YCharts’ Dashboard, the most advanced financial dashboard around.

How YCharts is Changing the Face of Investing

AdvisorHub, September 12, 2014

What YCharts offers is better investing through data. The site claims to have over 395,000,000 data points that can be analyzed and put into charts. Additionally the site is mobile and does not have to be viewed from a desktop, which makes investing mobile as well.

Who's afraid of Shiller's CAPE

The Big Picture, August 22, 2014

Barry Ritholz shares YCharts Research's paper on this popular market-level valuation metric.

Keeping an Eye on the Exit

Barrons, July 19, 2014

Two Websites, ExitPoint and YCharts, can provide you with alerts on whether your portfolio is getting too pricey.

YCharts Revamps Screener & Charting

Waters Technology, January 8, 2014

Is Your Stock Too Risky?

Barrons, December 7, 2013

When opportunity knocks, you have to move. But in the rush to grab after a stock's potential, don't forget to check its downside–especially with market valuations getting stretched.

YCharts Aims to Be ‘Bloomberg for Advisors’

ThinkAdvisor, November 7, 2013

Shawn Carpenter aims to solve the problem. The former Google executive is the co-founder and CEO of YCharts, a research and information provider that he considers a “Bloomberg for advisors,” only without the static desktop terminal. YCharts' cloud design lets subscribers have access to information “whenever and wherever they need it.

Morningstar takes a big stake in a startup gunning to be the Bloomberg for RIAs

RIA Biz, August 13, 2013

Flush with $8 million in VC dollars, YCharts is betting that its data feed and content can challenge the Bloomberg behemoth by filling a hole for wealth and hedge fund managers.

YCharts: Bloomberg for the rest of us?

InvestmentNews, July 17, 2013

A data service providing real time market info -- at a fraction of the cost of that more-famous terminal...

YCharts Snags Reed Elsevier Investment

Chicago Business, May 9, 2013

YCharts Inc., a Chicago company that sells an online stock information tool, has raised another nearly $4 million in capital, including from a big new investor, information services company Reed Elsevier Group PLC's venture capital arm.

Web-Based Financial Terminal YCharts Raises $3.875M Round Led By Morningstar And Reed Elsevier Ventures

TechCrunch, May 9, 2013

YCharts, a Chicago and New York-based startup that calls itself a financial terminal for the web, today announced that it has raised $3.875 million in its third funding round. The round was led by Morningstar and Reed Elsevier Ventures, with participation from all of the company’s earlier investors, including Hyde Park Angels, I2A and Amicus.

Weighing Value's Value

Barrons, April 13, 2013

Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, stock-charting is a never-ending search for the right metrics. Here are some good services.

YCharts Adds Technical Analysis, Preps Global Coverage

Inside Market Data, April 4, 2013

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts has rolled the availability of technical charts on its web-based platform, and is completing testing of fundamental data for Canadian companies, as it continues to expand its charting capabilities and data coverage in response to customer demand.

YCharts Boosts Platinum Data Export, Preps Global Content

Inside Market Data, January 11, 2013

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts has expanded the data export capabilities of its Platinum-level YCharts Pro subscription-based platform for institutional investors, to provide more flexible options for firms to take advantage of the vendor’s content, while continuing to broaden the data available on its platform with the addition of global data early this year.

YCharts Unveils Institutional-Level Platform

Inside Market Data, October 5, 2012

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts will this week launch its Platinum-level YCharts Pro subscription-based platform, which includes more advanced calculations and more flexible options for exporting data from the platform for use in traders' own models, providing institutional investors with content and functionality similar to what they may be accustomed to from professional financial terminals.

Should I sell my Stock?

Barrons, September 25, 2012

Websites like YCharts and CapitalCube give you ways to value your holdings so you know whether it's worth it to sell a hot stock.

YCharts Targets Institutional Investor Needs with ‘Platinum’ Content, Analytics

Inside Market Data, August 10, 2012

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts is preparing to roll out a new subscription-based platform, dubbed YCharts Platinum, with more advanced data, calculations and charting capabilities, developed specifically to meet the requirements of institutional investors.

How Much Is It Worth?

Barrons, July 28, 2012

Three investment Websites add new tools to help you discover how much value is in your Wal-Mart or Facebook stock. And why great value doesn't always mean great returns.

YCharts CEO Shawn Carpenter on Off the Charts Success

Built In Chicago, July 27, 2012

YCharts may be the David to Yahoo! Finances’ Goliath. With strong growth over the past 18 months, the small-but-mighty financial services company is poised to follow in those Biblical footsteps—or at least take on the giant.

Building A Better Yahoo Finance: YCharts Hits Its Stride As A Reliable Destination For Financial Data

TechCrunch, July 18, 2012

Founded in 2009, YCharts set out to offer a legitimate alternative to the Yahoo Finances of the world by becoming a full-service resource for detailed and reliable financial information.

YCharts Bows Streaming Updates, Alerts

Inside Market Data, April 30, 2012

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts will this week add streaming stock quotes and alerting functionality to its Web-based fundamental analysis platform, to more proactively deliver the information required by value-based investor and investment advisor clients, and provide a better user experience.

The Online Ben Graham

Barron's, April 14, 2012

A site that lets you view investments through his eyes, and others'.

YCharts Enables ‘Flexible’ Multi-Metrics Charting

Inside Market Data, February 6, 2012

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts last week upgraded the Interactive Charts in its web-based platform, to enable users to plot more metrics, economic indicators and companies on a single chart for more flexible analysis.

Two Sites That Stress Fundamentals

Barron's, January 28, 2012

YCharts and GuruFocus have broadened beyond technical charting to add lots of fundamental information for investors.

Former Crain's editor Bailey joins YCharts

Chicago Business, January 5, 2012

Former Crain's Chicago Business Editor Jeff Bailey has been named editor of Chicago-based investor information firm

Stock Research Startup YCharts Raises $3.25M From Morningstar

TechCrunch, November 27, 2011

YCharts, a startup that provides stock research, tools and analysis, has raised $3.25 million in Series B financing led by investment research company, Morningstar with participation from existing investors including the Hyde Park Angels, I2A, and others.

Morningstar, Hyde Park, others pour $3.25M into stock-research startup YCharts

Crain's Chicago, November 17, 2011

Morningstar Inc. led a group to invest $3.25 million in YCharts Inc., a Chicago-based online stock-research startup. Morningstar, the investment research company led by billionaire Joe Mansueto, is investing $2.45 million while Hyde Park Angels, I2A Fund of Chicago and several other angel investment firms are pitching in another $800,000, YCharts said in a news release.

Morningstar Backs Chicago Investment Data Startup

Portfolio, November 17, 2011

Shawn Carpenter learned a thing or two in his three years working at Google—like how to turn massive amounts of data into something people could actually understand and use. He’s applied that knowledge to investing with YCharts, the company he cofounded with Ara Anjargolian, to put the kind of tools Wall Street analysts and hedge fund managers use in the hands of individual investors.

YCharts Adds Dividend Tracking: Another Reason Never to Return to Yahoo Finance

TechCrunch, July 27, 2011

YCharts excels at digging into past long-tail data that’s publicly available from a variety of sources– things like P/E ratios, R&D spending, or cash flows graphed over time. The focus is on determining what works in the markets in the long run. This doesn’t just differentiate YCharts, it’s a cheaper way to build the company. Historical data is cheaper to aggregate than real time data, so the company is starting there and will bootstrap its way into more of the real time fray once it builds and audience, says co-founder Shawn Carpenter.

YCharts Delivers Professional Stock Charts With Economic Indicators

Yahoo! Finance, April 25, 2011

“We continue to invest in providing the fastest, most flexible stock charts. And now we’ve added key economic indicators,” Ara Anjargolian, co-founder and chief technology officer of YCharts. “Offering this capability free-of-charge helps make for a better-informed equities marketplace and we’re proud to do that.”

YCharts Boosts Pro Charting, Plans Advisor Product

Inside Market Data, April 18, 2011

Some macro data may be a leading indicator of what’s happening in a particular industry… so by overlaying individual company data with economic indicators together in one chart, you can make your own judgment on where you think the stock is headed based on the macro trends,” Carpenter says, adding that YCharts’ historical database of economic indicators—some of which date back as far as 1913—enables users to review past cycles of data to assess whether cycles are likely to repeat.

The Odds of Picking the Next Apple

New York Times, February 7, 2011

Nathan Pinger at YCharts describes this situation perfectly. “Trying to pick a stock’s future growth path based on past growth is like trying to guess if a coin will come up heads or tails when you know that the last toss was a heads. The previous toss tells you nothing.”

Professional Tools for the Average Investor

Fox Business, June 1, 2010

YCharts CEO Shawn Carpenter on how technology can help people invest more wisely.

YCharts helps put stocks in focus

Chicago SunTimes, May 24, 2010

"When a lot of people look and talk about stocks, they tend to overcomplicate things," said Shawn Carpenter, CEO of Chicago-based YCharts. "What we do is help you look at companies the same way you look at any business you are running."

Q&A: chief talks growth, partnerships

Crain's Chicago, May 4, 2010

The company, which launched in 2009 after a round of venture funding (the company won’t specify the amount, but confirms it was more than $1 million), has a three-part revenue model: advertisements, subscriptions and partnerships with other finance sites.

YCharts Online Investment Research Attracts Series A Funding From Broad Venture Capital Mix

BusinessWire, April 7, 2010

Hyde Park Angels, I2A, Amicus Capital, Social Leverage Combine to Help Launch Website Featuring Sophisticated Analytical Tools and Market Trend Data for Individuals, Professionals..

Data is Money: How Geeks are Changing Finance

SXSWi, March 13, 2010

Clearly the financial world needs some innovation, and fast. This panel will bring together experts in finance and technology to talk about how the future of finance will be influenced by data geeks and technologists..

YCharts Delivers Professional Investing Tools to Individual Investors

BusinessWire, January 6, 2010

YCharts covers over 5,000 U.S. companies and 40 million investor trends in real-time. Fifty thousand investors already take advantage of YCharts every month. YCharts is offered free of charge with subscription based PRO and institutional versions coming in 2010.

YCharts Launches Fundamentals Analysis Platform, Mulls Pro Tools

Inside Market Data, January 4, 2010

Chicago-based fundamental data analysis provider YCharts will this week launch a Web-based platform for fundamental analysis of US-listed companies, enabling users to track and analyse company fundamental data to help identify and incorporate trends into their trading strategies.

The portal was initially aimed at individual investors, but YCharts chief executive Shawn Carpenter says it will appeal to anyone taking a fundamental approach to company analysis, adding that professional money managers have been using the platform since it entered alpha testing in June...

Stock market will tread water in 2010

Chicago Sun-Times, December 27, 2009

It's worth checking out if you can't afford a Bloomberg terminal...

Review of

Bullishness, December 27, 2009

Where Does YCharts Shine? Definitely the best part about YCharts is that it gives you a lot of information in one little snapshot. Instead of scouring tables of figures and ratios, you get a nice clean set of charts that visualize the data on a dime. You can customize which charts show up in each snapshot to best suit your strategy and research goals. YCharts also has a very clean and easy to use interface and has very few advertisements. YCharts also makes good use of current web technologies like JavaScript and AJAX to make features that are actually useful, and not just eye candy.



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