Account Executive


Account Executives have two priorities. The first is to work with qualified prospects to find a fit between their investment process and the YCharts product through interactive demonstrations of the product. The second priority is searching for qualified prospects when necessary.

The Account Executive role is not an entry level position. Top candidates would be versed in active investment management styles, especially those involving individual equity selection and ETF/mutual fund investing. And they should be able to learn how YCharts assists in those investing processes quickly. Knowledge of the macro-economy and key economic indicators that drive investment performance is also helpful.

In addition to investing knowledge, we will be looking for people who communicate clearly and can adapt quickly to new information during the course of a conversation. We find fits with clients and close deals quickly, so strong organization skills will be essential to success.

This is an inside sales role, meaning that most selling will be done over the phone and demonstrations will generally be virtual.


  • Help qualified prospects to find and understand the value of YCharts as it relates to the prospects’ business activities
  • Give live demos of the product to find this fit
  • Close deals with prospects that are a good fit
  • Give clear feedback to our prospecting team so that you see the most qualified potential customers
  • When necessary, prospect on your own to build your pipeline


  • Listening skills - including asking great questions to productively guide a conversation
  • Verbal communication skills - especially articulating financial concepts clearly
  • Strong organizational skills - there will be lots of meetings and your sales pipeline will be full; it’s your job to manage the volume of business effectively
  • Closing skills - the ability to zero in on the pain that needs to be solved, and finding the match between our product and that need


  • 4-year degree in Finance or related field (Accounting, Economics, etc.) OR any 4-year degree in addition to several years experience in a financial role
  • Experience as an investment advisor or salesperson a big plus
  • Experience working with YCharts or another major financial data platform (Bloomberg, Morningstar, Capital IQ, Thomson-Reuters, FactSet, etc.)
  • Also see sample interview questions below


These are meant to be basic and should give you a sense of whether or not you have the foundational knowledge we are requiring for this job – face-to-face interview and on-the-job questions will tend to be more difficult.  If you find yourself stumped on one to three, that’s fine.  Four or five is worrisome.  More than five – this probably isn’t the right position for you.

Classify the following as assets, liabilities or shareholder’s equity: (1) accounts payable, (2) common stock, (3) salaries payable, (4) inventory, (5) cash, (6) preferred stock, (7) Property, Plant and Equipment

  • What’s a ticker symbol, and why is it important to an investor?
  • What’s the difference between technical analysis and value investing? What sort of things would a technical analyst look at? What about a value investor?
  • What’s a comparable analysis when looking at stocks? Why would you do it?
  • Why would an investor look at an income statement?  Balance sheet?  Cash flows statement?
  • How do you determine the market capitalization of a company?  What does the market cap tell you?
  • What is a PE Ratio?  What about Return on Equity?  Times Interest Earned? How would an investor use these numbers?
  • What would an investor look for when evaluating a common stock for investment?
  • Suggest one or two ways of thinking about the riskiness of a common stock investment?  How would you measure risk?
  • What are the most important business/financial/banking stories in the news recently?
  • Name a type of investment vehicle you could buy besides stocks and bonds
  • Find the most recent Annual and Quarterly Reports for McDonald’s Corp.  Where would you look to find the following numbers: Revenues?  Total Assets?

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