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YCharts Lite: Top notch resources so everyone can make informed decisions

Fundamental research and valuation analysis

  • Find 30 years of historical metrics and easily chart the data or export it into excel for your own modeling
  • Compare valuation statistics like PE and EV/EBITDA ratios among competitors or historical averages
  • View difficult to find metrics - more than 4,000 in total - for each of 20,000 companies listed on U.S. and Canadian Exchanges

Develop and research new investment ideas

  • Access proprietary, back-tested portfolio strategies based on quantitative investment strategies
  • Evaluate Companies based on data-driven, proprietary Ratings. Attractive, Neutral, and Avoid ratings can be researched in-depth via our 13 page research reports on each of 4500+ covered companies
  • Research key company metrics with detailed pages showing everything from competitor benchmarks to historical accounting statements

Track your investments and monitor the economic environment

  • Track your portfolio holdings or companies you are interested in by creating customized watchlists
  • View the underlying factors - more than 4,000 financial metrics - that are moving your investments on our detailed company pages
  • Stay informed with over 350,000 economic indicators at your fingertips
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