YCharts Research publishes Market Snapshots - which look at the relative valuation of sectors and industries within the North American market — and Focus Reports — which analyze the valuation drivers of a specific stock and provide a transparent valuation range for the company. In addition, we maintain a growing library of White Papers and Methodology Documents which guide investors as to how to use YCharts’ data and reports to maximum effect.

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Market Snapshot: October 2014 Valuations New

October 17, 2014

YCharts Research released its monthly Valuation Snapshot Report for October 2014. The report turned up some attractive bullish opportunities in the Financial and Real Estate sectors both north and south of the border. On the bearish side, we take a look at the Tech sector, which sports some notable firms with weak operational metrics and stratospheric valuation ratios. In addition to highlighting sectors and industries screening as under- and overvalued using our distinctive relative value heat maps, we display a series of graphs showing market- and sector-level valuation, profitability, and returns metrics as well as data tables of individual stocks that are screening as most under- and over-valued.

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Focus Report: Oracle (ORCL) Update

October 09, 2014

Oracle has not, in fact, changed very much since we wrote our first Focus Report on it nearly a year ago. Its business model can still be best described as a cross between a pacemaker manufacturer and a disposable razor company—like a pacemaker, once installed, Oracle’s products are essential to the health of the customer, and like a disposable razor, continual updates are essential for optimal performance. The retirement of Oracle’s founder, Ellison, underscores the fact that the company is maturing. How the company responds to this transition is now, this author believes, the single most important fact in understanding Oracle’s valuation. This report investigates that question and provides updates to our original observations about operating leverage and other key operational measures.

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White Paper: Who's Afraid of Shiller's CAPE?

August 12, 2014

This paper looks at what the cyclically-adjusted price-to-earnings ratio is really saying about the U.S. equity market.

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Praise for YCharts Reports

[The August 2014 Sector Valuation Snapshot was a]nother actionable report...thank you.
Greg C, Institutional Investor

Excellent job on the webcast. It was a very informative look at the stuff behind the curtain of the financial statements.
Bob C.

Excellent job on the sector report. I always look forward to your analysis.
Robert C, YCharts Pro Subscriber

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