YCharts Research publishes Market Snapshots - which look at the relative valuation of sectors and industries within the North American market — and Focus Reports — which analyze the valuation drivers of a specific stock and provide a transparent valuation range for the company. In addition, we maintain a growing library of White Papers and Methodology Documents which guide investors as to how to use YCharts’ data and reports to maximum effect.

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Market Snapshot: November 2014 Valuations

November 11, 2014

YCharts Research released its monthly Valuation Snapshot Report for November 2014. In addition to all the distinctive market- and sector-level valuation and operational metrics you're used to seeing every month, read this report to find out why... 1. It is unlikely that perpetual growth in the Energy sector will be anywhere near as bad as what the market is pricing in. 2. Italian oil major Eni may (or may not) be a screaming bargain right now. 3. You shouldn't be shocked if Taser International's stock price falls. Of course, this report also has lists of over- and under-valued liquid stocks, as well as our valuation heatmaps that hone in on under- and overvalued industries in the Energy and Industrials sectors, respectively.

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Focus Report: Apple (AAPL)

November 06, 2014

Apple is a failed computer company. If not for an emergency cash injection by Microsoft MSFT in 1997, the name Apple would now be nothing more than a nostalgic entry on a Wikipedia page in the same way that Atari, Commodore, Sinclair, Tandy, and Kaypro are. But unlike its defunct competitors, Apple sprang out of the ashes of its personal computing defeat as a glorious phoenix. Its present incarnation is that of a purveyor of internet-connected portable entertainment devices—a product category that it has defined as its first mover and shaped as its greatest innovator. Every success it has had in the last 10 years—every jump in revenues and profitability—has been a result of its status as a market leader in mobile entertainment, and its entire product line-up at present is comprised of products and accessories that support (or are being superseded by) its iPhone franchise. The problem is that opportunities to define a new product categories happen only rarely. As such, Apple’s future growth depends less on its ability to innovate than on its ability to compete successfully within well-defined market constraints. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, but Apple’s management is taking steps to keep its momentum in the mobile phone space going.

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White Paper: Who's Afraid of Shiller's CAPE?

August 12, 2014

This paper looks at what the cyclically-adjusted price-to-earnings ratio is really saying about the U.S. equity market.

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Greg C, Institutional Investor

Your reports are robust and readable.
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