Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Report

In this report, the Bureau of Economic Analysis releases quarterly figures for US Gross Domestic Product. In addition to the Real GDP, the report also includes data for income, sales, inventories, and corporate profits. It is one of the most important parts of the National Income and Product Accounts.

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Current (Sep 2014) Previous (Jun 2014) Chg Prev Chg 1 Yr
17.60T 17.33T 1.57% 4.31%

Major Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Indicators

Indicator Period Value Chg Prev
US Change in Personal Consumption Expenditures Q3 2014 3.20% Chg Qtr 28.00%
US GDP Q3 2014 17.60T USD 1.57%
US GDP Implicit Price Deflator Q3 2014 108.60 0.34%
US PCE Quarterly Inflation Rate Q3 2014 1.20% -47.83%
US Personal Consumption Expenditures Q3 2014 12.00T USD 1.11%
US Personal Consumption Expenditures Price Index Nov 2014 109.02 -0.17%
US Real GDP Q3 2014 16.21T Chn 2009 USD 1.22%
US Real GDP Growth Q3 2014 5.00% Chg Qtr 8.70%
US Real GDP per Capita Q3 2014 50805.00 Chn 2009 USD/Capita 1.02%
US Real Personal Consumption Expenditures Q3 2014 11.00T Chn 2009 USD 0.80%
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